2021 Festival Program

Mermaids by Johannes Reinhart

Head On Photo Festival 2021

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Photo: Johannes Reinhart

Festival details

This year, Head On Photo Festival returns with a jam-packed online program and spectacular outdoor locations across Sydney. View incredible exhibitions from over 700 contributing artists, watch workshops, panel discussions, artist talks live and more! Keep scrolling to catch a glimpse of what to expect at Head On Photo Festival 2021.



Exhibitions extended

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Exhibitions extended

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Head On Photo Awards

A Festival highlight each year
Head On Portrait Award: Paddington Reservoir Gardens
Head On Landscape Award: Bondi Beach Promenade
Head On Student Award: Paddington Reservoir Gardens

Must see exhibitions this year

located at the stunning Paddington Reservoir Gardens and Bondi Beach. From an outstanding program, Director’s pick this year are:

Roger Ballen
Roger the Rat

The series sees Ballen create a new persona to explore the human psyche and forces that make us who we are, including those we repress and never celebrate.

The Everyday Projects
Women on the move

Features the work of female photographers documenting the stories of women migrants worldwide and the specific challenges they face before fleeing their home country, during their journey, and when resettling.

Neil Kramer
Quarantine in Queens

A personal commentary on caregiving, love and family responsibility, the series shines a comedic lens on Kramer’s quarantine experience living in Queens, New York, with his 86-year- old mother from Florida and his ex-wife from Los Angeles during the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic in March 2020.

Younes Mohammad
Kurds open wounds

The long-term project documents the sacrifices of Kurdish Peshmerga in the fight to put down ISIS. Mohammad spoke with several hundred Peshmerga and took intimate portraits of the wounded fighters and their families, illustrating their stories of immense suffering and ongoing struggles to navigate post-conflict life.

Bridgette Gower
Disco bugs

Drawing inspiration from the lights and laser beams Bridgette danced under in nightclubs around the world, she casts the bugs as revellers in their own dance floor playground.

Natalie Grono
Invisible threads

Natalie Grono documents the everyday life of her two daughters, examining the connection they make with the people, landscapes and the daily rites that help shape their identity.

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