Best Lessons in Photography - Alfonso

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Best Lessons in Photography - Alfonso

Lauran Vohmann , 01 Oct 2015

Above: Leh temple,Ladakh India. Alfonso Perez de Velasco.

This week we asked Head On Landscape Prize Winner, Alfonso Perez de Velasco what his best lesson in photography is.

Alfonso says, "There are two big lessons I have learnt from Photography. The first one is that we all have the same needs, wants and fears no matter our ethnicity credo or origin. 

Varanasi, India, during Monsoon. Alfonso Perez de Velasco.

The second lesson, which I am most grateful for as it has made more appreciative of life - Is that there is beauty in everyday life. If you look close enough, you'll see ...everything that happens around us has some visual rhythm, it is some sort of dance, an invisible choreography in which we are all taking part. 

Varanasi, India, during Monsoon. Alfonso Perez de Velasco.

With regards to shooting tips: 

I am more of a travel and street photographer but I think the following applies to photography in general regardless of what you shoot - Chase the light. Shoot early and shoot late (sunset), shoot plenty and never be satisfied. Work hard and be prepared to go back to a location if you believe it is worthwhile. Eventually, or so I tell myself, a style true to who you are will show itself."

- If you have some sage advice for photographers or some stunning shots to share we'd love to hear from you. Maybe you'll be our next Best Lesson in Photography feature!


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