Best Lessons in Photography - Brian

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Best Lessons in Photography - Brian

Lauran Vohmann , 22 Oct 2015

Above: 4th of July, Brian Cassey ©

Brian Cassey is a Cairns based photographer, a Head On Portrait Prize Finalist and great friend of Head On Photo Festival! Today, he shares the best lesson he learned in photography:

"Always … treat those that you find in front of your lens in any situation with the greatest dignity and respect … and where appropriate any of  … sympathy, humour, honesty, empathy and integrity." Excellent advice for all those photographers working with people, especially those in vulnerable and dangerous situations. 

Papua New Guinea Bauai Trader, Brian Cassey ©

Jodhpur Wedding, Brian Cassey ©

Mona Mona, Brian Cassey ©

More of Brian's work can be found here, as well as his superb blog!

 - If you have some sage advice for photographers or some stunning shots to share we'd love to hear from you. Maybe you'll be our next Best Lesson in Photography feature!


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