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This platform is specifically designed to display the breadth of self-published photobooks. It offers an opportunity for independent photographers and publishers to list and sell their books to the photo community and anyone who loves photo-books. 

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Julia Fullerton-Batten

Covid-19 came. Life changed around the world. Forever. Award-winning fine-art photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten felt she couldn't sit around helpless. During her evening permitted exercise, walking around her local neighbourhood, she noticed people looking out of their windows onto a newly desolate world. This was sufficient for her to formulate how she would visually portray the disturbing effect of the Covid-19 lockdown had on people's everyday lives, not only of those in her West London neighbourhood but of millions around the world.

Price: $75 + shipping


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Eternal Presence

Misha Pedan

Eternal Presence consists of a series of eighty-two photographs, taken at various locations and mostly showing us everyday scenes from urban life, it appears to align itself with a documentary aesthetic and a discourse of photography as the art of extracting a crucial moment from the flow of time.

Price: $60 + shipping (GST inc)


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La Noche

Carolina Furque

La Noche, The Night is a photographic essay created by photographer Carolina Furque, in Mendoza – Argentina, during 2000 and 2003. Her engagement with this topic started in 1999 when she noticed an increasing number of red lights on the side of road number 40 in Mendoza, which displayed cheap brothels. 

Price: $46 + shipping (GST inc)


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Agave Love

Phil Bayly

I have always known Tequila as something of a bad boy spirit. It had a bohemian image wild and crazy, a freethinking spirit, uninhibited in many ways, Mezcal on the other hand was more esoteric.

Travelling in Mexico in the 80’s with no internet was typically through word of mouth, trial and error and mostly by the seat of my pants with only my camera to protect me

Price: $80 + shipping (GST inc)


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it’s only rock’n’roll but I like it…

Wendy McDougall

Hot on the heels of two successful photographic exhibitions, in Sydney and Melbourne, photographer Wendy McDougall releases ‘it’s only rock’n’roll but I like it…’ a retrospective of her music photography shot over a 40-year period from 1979 to 2019.

Price: $50 + shipping (GST inc)


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Peter Solness

A celebration of evocative light-painted photographs created by Peter Solness during his Artist Residency at Hill End, NSW.

Price: $24 + shipping (GST inc)


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Paul Blackmore

Designer Belinda Rabe and Alphabet Studios.

Against the backdrop of Sydney’s eastern suburb seascapes, Paul Blackmore’s new book Heat explores the intimate relationship between water and humanity. Fundamental to his work is the powerful force of the ocean and the sculptural forms of the sea dreamers who play within it.

Price: $70 + shipping (GST inc)


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2020 Head On Photo Festival books

Head On Photo Awards 2020 printed catalogue

Over the years, the Awards has evolved forming the heart of the Festival and for which the Head On Foundation has awarded over $600,000 in cash and product. In 2020 the Head On Photo Awards included three categories - portrait, landscape, and student.

A diverse group of creative industry practitioners select work without artists’ names so the judging focusses on merit bringing together both newly unearthed and established Australian and international talent.

Price: $65 + shipping (GST inc)


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Paper Tigers

60 Australian photojouralists

A celebration of the best of Australian photojournalism, the Paper Tigers exhibition features sixty images from sixty of the best Australian photojournalists. The need for truthful journalism has never been more critical. It is through the lens of these photographers that we understand and experience much of the world's events. Look back at the most critical moments through recent history, and the images by which we remember them. 

Price: $40 + shipping (GST inc)


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