Contribute to our new online magazine! 

‘Head On Interactional’ is a new online interactive photography magazine. Check out issue one here.   

We are passionate about photography and looking for great content for the second edition:  

  • Written content on anything to do with photography  
  • Photography and fine art portfolios 
  • Short video projects  
Call out for photography writers

Pitch us your story!

We’d love to hear about upcoming exhibitions, books, events and festivals from around the world. We will consider thoughtful reviews, tips and tricks, ‘how to’, guides and other articles on photography.  

Email with the subject line PITCH

Submission guidelines:

  • A single-page summary of the article you intend to write, including: 
    • Overview of your main argument and key points 
    • Introduction or a sample paragraph 
    • Sources you wish to interview or approach 
  • A 120-word biography outlining your writing experience 
  • Examples of your writing or links to published work 
  • Please ensure your paper is relevant to our audience of photographers, artists, collectors, photography lovers and enthusiasts 

Please note: pitching does NOT guarantee inclusion in Head On Interactional, and we will ONLY contact you if we choose to include your work. We will not contact you if submission guidelines are not followed or files are corrupt or inaccessible.

Contributions of a certain length will be remunerated.

If your pitch is successful, we will contact you regarding word count, deadlines, and other relevant information. Your work may be edited by Head On editorial staff. 

Open call for photography essays

Show us your project

You can submit still photography or multi-media/short film/short video of any genre and subject matter from anywhere in the world. 

  • Only one submission per artist per edition 
  • The work must be less than 5 years old and unpublished 
  • Open to over 18 years old only 

Submission guidelines for still photography: 

  • 10-15 photographs of the largest original size 
  • No borders (no surrounding black or white), no watermarks 
  • In sRGB colour space 
  • Saved in 8 bit (not 16 bit) 
  • Saved as JPG compression level 8 
  • Named with your First Name_Surname_title.jpg (eg. John_Smith_Muse.jpg or John_Smith_Untitled_01.jpg) 

Specifications for multi-media/short film/short video: 

  • Upload one frame and provide a link to the full video  
  • Save in HD 720P format (1280x720) as MPEG-4, compression H264  
  • Name the file using your First Name_Surname_Title.mp4 (eg. John_Smith.mp4) 

Instructions for sending your work

Send via 

Use in the ‘To’ field 

  • Have your First Name, Last Name, photo/video submissions in the ‘message’ field (eg. Jane_Smith_PhotoSubmission)
  • In the ‘Enter Message’ field include your full name, project title, and contact information; an Artist Statement describing the project (150 – 200 words) as well as your artist bio (up to 120 words) 

Please note submission does NOT guarantee entry into the magazine. We will ONLY contact you if we choose to feature your work. We will not contact you if submission guidelines are not followed or files are corrupt/inaccessible.   


Copyright information

Copyright in any works - photographs or written articles - submitted will remain the property of the artist.

Applicants warrant that all works submitted are original works created by the applicant and/or artists they are representing. They also warrant that the work submitted does not infringe any third party’s copyright, intellectual, property and/or moral rights or right to privacy, and are not defamatory or in breach of any law. 

By submitting to Head On Interactional, you grant Head On Foundation a non-exclusive license in perpetuity to use all photographs and articles submitted, on the Head On Foundation website. Works published on Head On’s website are protected by copyright laws. They are not considered to be public domain.