3+1 - Three Photographers, One Model, One Photoshoot

3+1 - Three Photographers, One Model, One Photoshoot

Edmond Thommen, Chris Meredith, and Len Metcalf

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Three Sydney photo-artists, Edmond Thommen, Chris Meredith, and Len Metcalf invite you to view 3+1 - an exhibition of images from an art-nude photoshoot with three photographers and one model.

The shoot took place on a sunny Monday morning in December 2015 near Cronulla with an internationally acclaimed fine-art model. The three took turns to direct the model and create their work - sometimes calling on each-other to assist or advise on a particular set-up.

The exhibition reveals that the three photographers represent their subject in vastly different ways. The images cover the full spectrum of styles from monochrome fine-art through to contemporary almost abstract interpretations of the female form.

Edmond Thommen - Blended Nudes
Edmond Thommen describes himself, first and foremost, as a Photographic Artist.  For him the magic starts with the camera and his photographs.  The female figure forms the basis of his artworks.  They may soften or highlight the body's outline by blending it into several layers of images he superimposes on the figure.  His work is "layered" and is visually and intellectually demanding on the viewer to find the form.  In doing so, viewers delve below the surface.

Chris Meredith - Natural Curves
Meredith takes his inspiration from the natural pattens and shapes that occur in nature and the curves of the female form.  Figure nude studies are combined with semi-abstract close-ups of waves, ripples, rocks to generate the images that are designed to be both instantly pleasing and challening at the same time.

Len Metcalf - Naked Landscapes - relationships with nature
Flesh and stone. Nude, naked, stripped bare. Natural untouched environments. Humanity respecting and worshipping Gaia. Humility for our bountiful, yet threatened mother nature. In these works Len Melcalf explores our spiritual connection with the natural world.

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Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00 am-5:00 pm

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