Double exposed

Double exposed

Unexposed South Asia and Unexposed Australasia


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Double exposed is the third collaborative project of the Unexposed Collective. It is a collaboration between Unexposed South Asia and Unexposed Australasia, featuring contemporary female street photographers from both regions.

Each diptych tells a complex, visual story and combines the vision of photographers from diverse cultural backgrounds, revealing similarities and differences in our visions.

The exhibition is curated by the co-founders of the Unexposed Collective, Julia Coddington and Rebecca Wiltshire.


This exhibition is outdoors. Please check what COVID-19 restrictions are in place before you visit.

Artist Bio

Unexposed South Asia and Unexposed Australasia are both branches of the Unexposed Collective, a collective of female, non-binary and intersex street photographers. 

Rebecca Wiltshire and Julia Coddington co-founded the Unexposed Collective. They manage Unexposed South Asia with Debrani Das and Unexposed Australasia with Linda Maclean and Susan Brunialti.  

Artists featured include:

South Asia: Debrani Das, Dipinwata Saha, Jayati Saha, Lopamudra Talukdar, Meghna Agrawal, Moushumee K Jha, Pinki Sanyal, Puspita Chowdhury, Ranita Roy and Sahela Umama 

Australasia: Francesca Donnoli, Jill Velinos, Julia Coddington, Karolina Trapp, Lidia D’Opera, Lynn Gail, Rebecca Wiltshire, Rosie English, Sally Coggle and Sari Sutton 

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