Dreaming of mermaids

Dreaming of mermaids

Johannes Reinhart


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Do mermaids exist?  
Thousands of children come to the Perth Fringe World Festival’s mermaid tank to see real mermaids every year. And not just children; it seems there is a force that finds me in front of the tank year after year.  
Maybe it’s the action and escape from the ordinary that attracts my street photographer’s eye. But I think underneath is the beauty of a child dreaming that mermaids really do exist.  
It represents an easily lost innocence that I have tried to hold onto for as long as I can. This photo series depicts my own childlike perspective of the magic of mermaids. 


This exhibition is outdoors. Please check what COVID-19 restrictions are in place before you visit.

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Photographer Johannes Reinhart was born in Germany in 1974 and has lived in Perth, Western Australia, since 1999. 
His photography reflects his inner world and explores a myriad of themes such as shadow and light, alienation, life, death, loneliness and subcultures.  
Johannes has won the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize, Australian Documentary Photographer of the Year and was a Lensculture Street Photography finalist. His work has been widely exhibited around the world. 

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