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Ice is just frozen water, right. Wrong. Australia doesn’t do ICE well. Nowhere on this continent does it exist in natural form year round. But ice is integral to an understanding of the earth, its past and its future. This exhibition is a study of ice in many of its guises. ICE can be cold but it can also be white, grey, sculptured, beautiful, functional, endangered, funny and light-filled. The images are a collection of ideas and captures made over the last five years from a variety of locations from the Polar Circle to the Antarctic and many in between. This is Mark Goyen’s second exhibition with HeadOn and is a huge contrast from last year’s SING SING. All of the images are for sale as limited edition prints made by Mark himself on archival Epson Gold Fibre Silk stock. More information can be found at his website www.markgoyenphoto .com

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Monday - Saturday: 9:00 am-5:00 pm

-33.887139, 151.157492