Infinite coast

Infinite coast

Chris Dark and Chris Saunders

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Infinite coast is a collaboration between Professional Photographic Artists Chris Dark and Chris Saunders.

Coast is the second project in the Infinite series and was captured over the winter and spring of 2020 on the Perth Metropolitan and Turquoise Coasts of Western Australia. This body of work is an exploration of the infinite nature of our minds and the eternal nature of our minds. Our coastline draws people from all walks of life for different reasons however for us its a place close to our homes we can escape the confines of reality. The endless horizon and calming effects of the salt air, rolling waves, shifting sands and constant change combine and create an atmosphere that allows us to be present in the moment and provide a window to the infinite nature of our minds. A place filled with colour, hope and joy. The concept was born from circumstances beyond our control that prevented us from reaching wide open remote spaces and feeling the infinite space of the environment. The use of age old techniques from the film days gave us the freedom to create images with simple shapes, colours and lines to express what we see with our minds.


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Artist Bio

Chris Dark is an award-winning accredited professional landscape photographer based in Perth, Western Australia. "I am drawn to expansive arid landscapes and exploring my responses to them. A mental adjustment takes place with the clearing of emotional and physical clutter. Discovering the pulse of the environment and its character forms a deeper connection. My visual voice can wander without judgement."

Chris Saunders is an award-winning accredited professional landscape photographer based in Perth, Western Australia. Primarily focusing on aerial and abstract images of the Western Australian environment. "My style brings a painterly feel to the genre that allows the images to take on ethereal forms from the captured light and textures."

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