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The images I have submitted are part of an ongoing series called Karrikins, documenting the regrowth of plants following the recent Australian bushfires. The name Karrikins refers to a set of chemicals that are produced as a result of wildfires and can stimulate the regrowth of certain plants. For this series, I have used my Pentax 67ii medium format camera and the discontinued and extremely rare Kodak Aerochrome Infrared Film.

My usual way of working has been somewhat reactive, without too much thought into specific images or the story I’m trying to tell; I changed my approach for this set of images which have more personal meaning for me and hopefully for the viewer. These images represent the first time that I have planned a project, previsualised how the images might look, and been happy with the execution. Aerochrome captures the infrared light reflecting off the regrowth in lurid shades of pink and red, which contrasts against the burnt and blackened trees, evoking images of the flickering flames that crept up these trees only months earlier. When I finally saw the film on a light table, I was ecstatic as they had turned out exactly as I had hoped, revealing renewal after destruction.


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My name is Robert Walwyn and I have been taking photographs for just over 11 years. I aim to capture the essence and emotion of a place and bring permanence to the ephemeral. My initial foray into photography was driven by my passion of the ocean, which still remains the biggest source of creative inspiration for me. Recently I have been working on a series titled Karrikins, documenting the regrowth of the 2019-20 Australian bushfires using false-colour infrared film.

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