The Lonesome Cowboy

The Lonesome Cowboy

Claire Letitia Reynolds


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Escaping the country as a girl, I find myself as a woman traveling back at every chance I can from the city to the long winding roads and beyond, searching for a part of myself that fills the gap of my lonely life in the city. As I search I wonder about my life if I had stayed, a simple life in the hills tucked in with sweeping blue skies and surrounded by tall trees. As I dream I attempt to capture this world as I travel. I travel beyond my comfort and find a scene that tears my reality adrift and takes me on an adventure that I didn't ask for. 

The rodeo, a community of people that come together to test themselves against the beasts of the earth in a rugged landscape. I felt akin to these cowboys as they perilously hung their dreams in a fight to conquer these beasts. After the battle I asked if I could capture these warriors and like me after the fight all I could see was the vulnerability and yearning nature of the human kind. The sadness and desperation of a lonesome cowboy, this is my story.

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