Ludlites Love History

Ludlites Love History

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This show looks at how we interpret history using pinhole and plastic cameras. We have opened participation to the public and six new Ludlites have joined us including one from Canada and one from U.K. This is our 13th exhibition and a total of 18 members are exhibiting for this show: Vanessa Power, Sally Mayman, Tim Hixson, Lucas Brown, Tim Gibbs, Patrick Boland, Trevor Ydreos, Jessica Bee, Hykie Kwong, Craig Proudford, Anika Luzzeman, Katrina Crook, Natalie Blom, John Wallace, Yvette Worboys, Bradley Shaw, Riaan Cilliers and Carolinna Lee.

Being a Plastic camera collective we shoot film and constantly reference the past for inspiration. However there is always great diversity in subject matter and technique. From the ethereal pinhole Hawksbury landscapes of Tim Gibbs, Yvette Worboys' very personal childhood memories, Tim Hixson's 'The feeling of History' to the pieced together 35mm film strips Natalie Blom assembles and Sally Mayman's multiple exposed indigenous coastal portraits. Work started on this show 12 months ago and while some pieces have that snapshot quirky plastic camera feel others are very considered works.

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Monday - Sunday: 12:00 pm-8:00 pm

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