Marks That Make Place

Marks That Make Place

Kelly Slater

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Exhibition Description

This exhibition is the result of a photographic study of an inhabited landscape, exploring the physical marks – made by people over time - that shape the surfaces and spaces of Mersey Bluff, Devonport, Tasmania.

These marks represent human experiences and connection to land, investing it with a tangible sense of Place. Concepts of human interaction with our environments, especially those which we consider recreational, natural and places are relevant across all communities and cultures both in Australia and globally.

I believe we belong to this earth. We leave or experiences in the land; it is the layers of experience- both natural and constructed, which create places.

What is the legacy of the marks we as leave on our shared Places and how they will be experienced by generations to come?

This exhibition is presented with the support of the Tasmanian Aboriginal custodians of this area; Six River Aboriginal Corporation. It offers a personal and contemporary view of a landscape which is deeply connected to the community of Devonport.

Artist Bio

Kelly Slater is an emerging artist, building an arts practice in photography in Northwest Tasmania. Kelly aims to explore image making that, goes beyond expected representative images of landscape and environment and seeks to offer a personal interpretation of human connection to Place.
1977 Born: Nelson, New Zealand
1995 Certificate of Foundation Studies in the Visual Arts, Christchurch, NZ
2010 Certificate IV in Photoimaging, Tasmanian Polytechnic, TAS
2010-2012 Press Photographer, Fairfax Regional Newspaper; The Advocate, Northwest Tasmania
2018 Arts Tasmania Dombrovskis Parks and Wildlife Residency, Rocky Cape National Park, Tasmania

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Thursday - Sunday: 12:00 pm-5:00 pm

-33.911695, 151.165422