Merging present and past

Merging present and past

Clair Robins


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We are intrinsically nostalgic with an ardent desire to reflect on hazy memories from our childhood. 

Memories are never entirely accurate. They are distorted or reimagined, understated or embellished. Objects and personal possessions, however, reveal truths we can’t overlook. We hoard these objects as souvenirs of our past. 
My collection of keepsakes are more than mementos; they are a record of our family history. Used, loved, practical or treasured, passed on from mother to father, daughter and granddaughter.  
Creating these diptychs, I am slowly piecing together my fond memories of Edna and how she lived. My grandparents had such an impact on my sister and me during our childhood. They shaped my upbringing as babysitters, good listeners, storytellers and helping hands. Now I see history repeating itself with my two daughters.  
We need to keep collecting and adding to this historical narrative; to preserve and celebrate the ordinary.


This exhibition is outdoors. Please check what COVID-19 restrictions are in place before you visit.


Artist Bio

I am a photographic visual artist and educator from Leicester, UK. My work explores narrative, still life and portraiture, whilst embracing personal memories, a sense of being, and nostalgia. I use a range of creative processes, both digital and darkroom, to realise my projects.  
I often conceptually reconstruct scenarios whilst exploring daily life through symbolism and visual language. Many of my latest works depict the frustration of lockdown dystopia, identity and an ever-changing family. 

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