Naked Britain

Naked Britain

Anastasia Trahanas


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Exhibition Description

Naked Britain, a long-standing, ongoing project, explores the concept of the self and its connection to society, exposing the subject’s identity by presenting them at their most vulnerable and free.  
In 2005, Anastasia posted an online call-out for ordinary people of different shapes, sizes, colours and creeds, asking participants to share what it meant for them to be naked, both physically and metaphorically. Each portrait is a collaboration between the photographer and her sitter.  
Anastasia allows vulnerability to be freely expressed. "To be genuinely naked is, after all, to be truly free". The photographer’s eye is purposefully non-objectifying. Instead, she gives voice to a diverse range of people, highlighting different types of beauty and exposing another kind of nakedness; being vulnerable and transparent to both themselves and the world around them. 


This exhibition is indoors. Please check what COVID-19 restrictions are in place before you visit.

Artist Bio

Anastasia is a socio-documentary and fine art photographer. Born in Melbourne, living in the UK, she has been taking photographs since she was 12, documenting life around her. Constantly driven forwards in her photography, Anastasia captures what lies beneath the street and beneath our skin. She nourishes her photographic eye by challenging the boundaries outside the so-called societal 'normal'. Turning her representations into positive images, she gravitates to photographing the female, the marginalised, stigmatised and vulnerable. She has exhibited internationally and has qualifications in photography, social anthropology, a Master's in visual anthropology, and is an educator. 

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