The One Project

The One Project


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The ONE Project presents 28 photographers who shared one camera and one roll of film to create a portrait. As a commercial photographer, Hillary Wardhaugh realised how much of her time was spent in front of the computer, sifting through hundreds of images that would mostly be filed away and rendered to digital noise after one image, the hero image, was chosen. Wardaugh wanted to create simplicity by limiting herself to making one portrait, captured in-camera, without manipulation. By doing this the portrait process became considered and increased the images half-life and emotional and social value. The stakes were high, with only one chance to make the portrait, both the process and the portrait become precious. The exhibition asks that if Susan Sontag’s statement that ‘photography furnishes evidence. A photograph passes for incontrovertible proof that a given thing happened’ is true, why do we need more than one photographic portrait as proof of our existence.

Photographers: Tim Anger, Samantha Birch, Madeline Bishop, Jeremy Byrnes, Geoff Comfort, Rowan Conroy, Grace Costa, Sean Davey, Geoffrey Dunn, Denise Ferris, William Hall, Lindi Heap, Leonie Keogh, Katie Kolenberg, Cathy Laudenbach, David McClenaghan, Mark Mohell, Jennifer Nagy, Dan O’Day, Candice Ottaway, David Paterson, Jocelyn Rosen, George Serras, Julian Stevenson, Rohan Thompson, Kelly Tunney, and Hilary Wardhaugh (curator). 

Supported by: DES, Nikon Australia, ANU School of Art Inkjet Research Facility and ILFORD through C.R. Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd  

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Monday - Sunday: 10:00 am-4:00 pm

-33.887025, 151.158479