The sacrifice of dance

The sacrifice of dance

Jonathan Mitchell


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Ballet dancers sacrifice incredibly for their performance, and their dedication leads to beautiful consequences. 
To make it as a professional ballet dancer, you must possess passion, pure emotion and athletic ability – and this requires sacrifice. Dancers undergo vigorous training and long recovery processes in the endless pursuit of improvement. The deeper the abyss that is overcome by human willpower, the greater the reward. This is the sacrifice of dance.  
Thank you to Ballet Metropolitano, The Mexico City Ballet, and The National Mexican Ballet. 


This exhibition is outdoors. Please check what COVID-19 restrictions are in place before you visit.

Artist Bio

I am a Sydney-based visual artist possessed by the never-ending pursuit of creating artwork. It's my liberation from the normality of life. I create artworks in various mediums to preserve time, commit moments to eternity amidst the light and darkness of this world. We need light and dark to learn from, both as individuals and collectively. My passion in my life and what I live for is to create artworks. To show people my perspective of the world through various subject matter and give back what life has offered me. 

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