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Looking over Sydney from a bird's perspective. A discovery of this wonderful city from a unique angle.

Admired or unwelcome like no other birds, seagulls are part of our city. The photographs are attempting to capture the close relationship between birds and humans and the way they integrate in our city, displaying the beauty of these amazing flying creatures like never before.

A lot of articles have recently highlighted the aggressive nature of these birds, the main culprit being humans feeding them. Is it really the gulls fault to be located near populated areas with no other place to go than near us?

The complexity comes as they are protected in Sydney, not always welcome, but not deterred by us. A display of intriguing postures, creating a dialogue of two worlds in the middle of the city. After all, seagulls are the first resident of Sydney!

Artist Bio

Swiss Born, Andre Braun has been working in the Architectural and Interior design feld in Australia for the past 20
years, and been producing photographic artworks for a similar time.

Some of the previous public exhibition includes: Solo photographic exhibition at the Bondi Pavilion Gallery in 2012, published in various magazines and newspapers. Solo exhibition two years later, at the Waverley Library Galleries, in 2014, broadcasted by the China Cable Network (CCN). In 2015, Braun was invited to participate at the Swiss Oz Expo at the Bondi Pavilion, Bondi

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