The silent clapping of their hands

The silent clapping of their hands

Davide Bertuccio


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Claudio Madia, the former presenter of one of Italy's most beloved children's programs, spent his quarantine inside his own ‘Circincà’ (the circus at home, in the Milanese dialect). 
In his varied life, as well as presenting the children's program L'albero Azzurro' (The Blue Tree), he was a wanderer, ship's boy, graphic designer, acrobat for the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, a writer of seven books for children and founder of the Little Circus School in Milan.  
In previous years he made his home a theatre, organising circus shows with other acrobatic friends. Only the COVID-19 pandemic could force him to stop and isolate at home. In March 2020, he was left without an audience, the sole spectator in the circus of his own creation.  Claudio is a true example of resilience, a person who never stopped. 


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Davide Bertuccio (1991, Messina, Italy) is a photojournalist based in Milan. In 2016 he graduated in photography at the visual arts school of the European Institute of Design. His work analyses a range of issues from globalisation to matters concerning the environment and adaptation of the human condition. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he documented the ‘new normal’, exploring how humans adapted to what was happening around them.  

In 2014 Davide was named among the ten best Italian talents under 25 and in 2019 was nominated for the 6×6 World Press Photo Global Talent Program. National Geographic selected one of his photos in their top ten iconic images of 2020.  

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