Strength In Adversity

Strength In Adversity

Ilana Rose

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From dignity and strength comes beauty. These are the largely unseen women, holding their communities together even in the harshest circumstances.

I have produced environmental  portraits  that tell stories about their journey and their determination to invest in their families, to keep their families together, to stay healthy, to stay safe.

Activities of the ‘everyday’ hold both deeply personal and universal significance. The more I can document the strength and resilience of people who live in some of our world’s most challenging conditions, the more strongly the viewer can see that we are one human race.

Every person has the right to access to health, education, cultural and spiritual resources. 

These are the measures which World Vision uses as the foundation of all its work. 

Photo-journalist Ilana Rose has been creating images for over 25 years that reveal members of society largely unobserved and unseen by the mainstream. For the past three years, she has worked for World Vision, travelling to the poorest countries in the world, documenting and collecting people’s stories.

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