True North

True North

Fabian Muir & Sebastien Ardon

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North and south, darkness and light, the perennial contrast. While the south of France is a byword for the beautiful light and the high life, the north presents a very different side of the country, much less familiar to outsiders and asking more existential questions. Similarly, while South Korea hums with neon and electronics, its northern brother remains a time capsule, a surreal space experienced by few outsiders. In 'True North', French photographer Sebastien Ardon and Australian Fabian Muir present two personal series exploring the lesser known end of the compass.

North Korea - Fabian Muir
No contemporary country remains as shrouded in mystery as North Korea. Hermetically sealed and self-isolated, it is the subject of endless speculation in the West. But away from the clichéd media images, what is it actually like? Following multiple visits to this unknown space, Fabian Muir provides some tantalising and surprising glimpses of the true North Korea.

Joie de Vivre - Sebastien Ardon
This series explores the visual vocabulary of beachside towns in northern Europe. Primary destinations for hordes of holiday-goers during the summer, only traces of the crowds, excitements and childhood memories remains during the colder months. The Beach however, through its imposing natural dimension, continues to impress a sense of drama to the space.

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