Uncertainties Of Life - A Photographic Exploration

Uncertainties Of Life - A Photographic Exploration

Amy Crawley


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Uncertainties of Life - A Photographic Exploration is an autobiographical series examining issues such as drug addiction, mental illness, homelessness, and the uncertainties that life holds. Within the series, I explore my feelings and personal relationships with my partner and ex-partner, and the struggles that arise whilst living together in our small home in the outer-Melbourne suburb of Frankston.  

Both Roy and Kyle struggle with drug addiction and mental illnesses, causing me great feelings of sorrow and stress, but also hopefulness and optimism for the recovery of the people I love. I have found photography as an artistic medium to be extremely therapeutic and powerful, providing both myself and my audience with an opportunity for deep emotional honesty and engagement. 

Life is unwritten and uncertain, often fearsome and daunting. But the therapeutic qualities which lay at the heart of art and photography can lighten our way through life, and bring joy and confidence from pure self-expression and exploration. It is these very qualities of art and photography that I wish to promote through this challenging but uplifting series. Photographers who have influenced me while creating the series are Nan Goldin, Larry Clark and Richard Billingham.

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