Urban Collective

Urban Collective

Sydney Street Photographers-Group Show

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Urban Collective – is an exhibition of approximately 30+ chosen artists from the Sydney Street Photographers. A selection of the ‘best of’ will display the underlying philosophy of street photography: that is, the depiction of the human condition in an urban environment. The images, by their very nature will indirectly expose the viewer to the nuances and passions of the photographers themselves, and often give a glimpse of the difficulties associated with the capturing of ‘street’ work. The essence of this sometimes controversial art form is to discover the ability to observe and document society as it is, unpredictable, random, spontaneous...and as in any art form, many aspects need to come together to provide the viewer with a ‘memorable’ portrayal of the genre.

This is the first exhibition held by Sydney Street Photographers. Curated by Sandra Kozleuchar.

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