The windows of the seawall

The windows of the seawall

Yoshitaka Taniguchi


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What can you see through the windows of the seawall? 
In response to the enormous tsunami in 2011 caused by a giant earthquake, Japan built massive seawalls with a height of nearly 15m along 400km of the coast of the disaster area.  
Many residents opposed the construction of the seawall as it blocks their views of the sea and sandy beaches. Fishermen’s workplaces are deprived, and they are forced to live without seeing the sea, removing a large part of their identity,  
As a compromise, windows have been constructed in the seawall, offering glimpses of the sea beyond.  


This exhibition is outdoors. Please check what COVID-19 restrictions are in place before you visit.

Artist Bio

Born in Hokkaido, Japan, Yoshitaka Taniguchi graduated from Chuo University with an economics degree in 1958. In 2016, he began his career as a photographer and has since exhibited widely. Venues include Muroran City Museum of Art, Otaru City Museum of Art in Japan, and Contact Sheet in Sydney and Nikon Salon in Tokyo. 

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