Women on the move

Women on the move

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The UN estimates that more than a billion people today are migrating across international borders. From climate change and war to poverty and inequality, women are disproportionately affected by our world's major issues. 
Sharing these women's stories is vital to raise awareness of the specific challenges women migrants face before fleeing their home country, during their journey, and when resettling.  
Women migrate for better opportunities and often do so with little to no legal protections, making them at risk of abuse, exploitation, or trafficking along the way. In their destination country, many women encounter poor working conditions and have few avenues for protection. Despite these dire circumstances, women are often the first to respond to a crisis and play vital roles as caretakers who sustain and rebuild their families and communities.  
Immigration policies worldwide are becoming more stringent and borders are closing with long-term, negative impacts on women and children. We must look at how women are caught in the web of migration—and how many are resilient despite these circumstances. 


This exhibition is indoors. Please check what COVID-19 restrictions are in place before you visit.

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The Everyday Projects uses photography to challenge harmful stereotypes and misperceptions that distort our understanding of the world. We believe in amplifying local voices and shifting power away from monolithic narratives dominated by a Western, top-down approach to storytelling. We work toward a future of photojournalism and visual storytelling that is inclusive and anti-racist.  
Women on the Move was led and included work by Everyday Projects community team member Danielle Villasana (USA) and also featured stories by Everyday Projects photographers Amrita Chandradas (Singapore), Ksenia Kuleshova (Russia), Miora Rajaonary (Madagascar), Mridula Amin (Australia), Nichole Sobecki (USA), Saiyna Bashir (Pakistan), and Thana Faroq (Yemen). Images curated by Yasemin Elçi.  

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