Being Sandra

Photographer's Name
Molly Harris (Winner)

Sandra was born as John but started living as Sandra 6 years ago. When she became Sandra she left behind a career that spanned 37 years in the Air force. In this photo Sandra is getting ready for Anzac Day. She chooses not to march but prefers to stand on the sidelines and quietly observe. She is scared that a day so meaningful to her may be ruined by someone verbally or physically attacking her. While exploring transgender I have been most astounded by my subjects resilience and strength. Sandra recently found out that the female hormones she has been taking may be the cause of numerous blood clots that have recently appeared in her brain. She has been advised to stop taking them immediately. This may mean that the breasts she has developed may decrease in size, her body hair may grow back and her physical transformation may start reversing. This is not an option for Sandra. She refuses to become a man again.

Festival Year