George Gittoes - last sitting before Peshawar

Photographer's Name
George Fetting

This image of George Gittoes shows an artist in reflection. His body language is slightly ambiguous and eyes troubled. What lays beneath? It is difficult to encapsulate such a man into a few words as his life has covered so many extremes. Filmmaker, photographer and painter Gittoes is rare and complex amalgum of all these disciplines and much more. He has witnessed the darkest side of humanity on numerous occasions in conflict and war and is drawn imperceptibly to these conflagrations. Recording these experiences is not enough; Gittoes has to immerse himself into the very gravitas of the situation and has on more than one occasion dodged death. I was drawn to photographing a man that can leave his family for extended lengths of time to literally endure what troubles man most - the true cost of war. Gittoes confessed during this photographic sitting rather soberly that he was a little superstitious that this may be the very last photograph of him. In a matter of days he was headed to to Pakistans wild North West Frontier Province to start his latest film. I sincerely do hope that he is not proved right insha Allah ( God willing ).

Festival Year