Jack Charles

Photographer's Name
Richard Hedger

Jack Charles' is a portrait drawn from the series 'National Treasures', celebrating age in the LGBTI community as a salute to those who have experienced vast social change through their lifetimes. The sitters are older members of our community who are proud, enthusiastic, encouraging and inspiring examples of Sydney's LGBTI people. Through positive imagery of these people who are often overlooked, this body of work documents their strength, happiness, purpose and legitimacy in where they stand and how they live in an ever-changing society. Regardless of sexual preference and or gender related issues, the nature of growing older in our world brings with it a whole range of complex issues and confronting realities. 'National Treasures' works to break down expected associations with the elderly and instead celebrates a selection of inspirational role models from the community who are aging with grace, dignity, vitality and personality. This resonates on a number of levels and strives to assure all ageing members of the LGBTI family that, far from being alone, each of them is a valued part of a large, nurturing and inclusive community.

Festival Year