Jody Rose Helfand

Photographer's Name
Jean-Francois Bouchard

I am Jody Rose Helfand, someone who changed my female body to match my male soul. I am also a professor, professional keynote speaker and an author. I've been perceived in this world first as a female, with a female socialization, and second as male, with no socialization. I learned how to move in the world as a male while being careful not to abandon the 'female' self; within my male soul and outer male expression, there is a desire for polarity, the balance of feminine and masculine. I had to destroy myself before finding myself, working within the confines of the sinister constructed labels that can limit the soul's true expression. I deconstructed and reconstructed while speaking my truth and listening to my heart, finally finding intense relief and a deep sense of inner peace. Jody Rose Helfand, 2014 

Festival Year