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Head On Photo Festival’s signature show the ‘Portrait Prize was established in 2004, at a time when Australia was producing many more photographic talents than it did opportunities for them to exhibit. The work was selected without the artists’ names and The Head On Portrait Prize quickly became Australia’s leading competition for photographic portraiture challenging accepted perceptions of the genre, the structure of photography competitions and paving the way to uncover new talent.

Over the years, The Awards evolved into three categories - Portrait, Landscape, and Mobile. A diverse group of creative industry practitioners select work without artists’ names so the judging focusses on merit. Each year the panel changes ensuring a fresh perspective for each category.

The selection panel for 2014 was: Sam Barzilay, Anne-Marie Van de Ven, Polixeni Papapetrou, Murray Fredericks, Chris Rainier, Alison Stieven Taylor, Olivier Laurent, Benjamin Lowy, James Cottam, Moshe Rosenzveig OAM.


- Limited edition book featuring 110 images
- Soft cover 130 pages
- Dimenions: 173mm x 173mm x 9mm
- ISBN 978-0-9925075-0-3

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Included Artists


Head On Portrait Prize finalists

Aldona Kmiec, Alex Vaughan, Amy Pfitzner, Anna Fenech Harris, Bernadette Keys, Bryan Smith, Carole Hampshire, Cheryl McMaster, Cody Spencer, Fiona Wolf, Francis Hape, Heather Tichowitsch, Jeremy Cresswell, Jess Collins, Joe Wigdahl, Jonathan May, Juliet Taylor, Katherine Williams, Kelly Brown, Liz Thompson, Marcus Thomson, Nicholas Walker, Nicole Wells, Ona Janzen, Pamela Jennings, Richard Wainwright, Rodney Dekker, Sam Mooy, Sarah Rhodes, Sean Fennessy, Sophie Howarth, Stephen Dupont, Stephen Corey, Steve Greenaway, Tim Georgeson, Tobias Rowles, Tom Williams, Tom Jefferson, Virginia Szaraz.

Head On Landscape Prize finalists

Adrian Rohnfelder, Adrian Donoghue, Andrew Quinn, Bill Chant, Chris Frazer Smith, Chris Round, Cindy Buchan, Craig Parry, Danny Eastwood, David Flanagan, Debbie Fowler, Elizabeth Bull, Ford Kristo, Fred McKie, George Fetting, James Geer, Jarrad Seng, Jeremy Cresswell, Joe Wigdahl, Joey Corcoran, Fris Vervaeke, Mark Kelly, Mark Kelly, Mark Munro, Matthew Smith, Michael Gormly, Nick Hannes, Pamela Jennings, Paul Huntley, Peter Eastway, Peter Solness, Richard Payne, Roderick McNicol, Sandra Lea, Stephen Dupont, Steve Marshall, Thomas Kellner, Victor Stepanow.

Head On Mobile Prize finalists

Albion Harrison-Naish, Alex Fung, Andrew Quilty, Andy Hatton, Anthony Johnson, Benjamin Rigby, Cesar  Rodriguez, Clare Bardsley-Smith, Craig Proudford, David Young, Diana Mehrez, Dmitry Chemyakin, Douwe Dijkstra, George Byrne, George Byrne, George Byrne, Harry Greenwood, Jacqui Dean, Janice Cameron, Kaily Koutsogiannis, Laki Sideris, Larry Meltzer, Lorenzo Montanelli, Markus Andersen, Neda Vanovac, Nikki Easterbrook, Philip Myers, Pia Johnson, Richard Gray, Sam Harris, Sandra Kontos, Tanja Bruckner, Thomas Lim, Tim Georgeson.

Head On Awards 2014 Printed Catalogue
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