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Head On Photo Festival’s signature show the ‘Portrait Prize was established in 2004, at a time when Australia was producing many more photographic talents than it did opportunities for them to exhibit. The work was selected without the artists’ names and The Head On Portrait Prize quickly became Australia’s leading competition for photographic portraiture challenging accepted perceptions of the genre, the structure of photography competitions and paving the way to uncover new talent.

Over the years, The Awards evolved into four categories - Portrait, Landscape, Mobile and Student. A diverse group of creative industry practitioners select work without artists’ names so the judging focusses on merit. Each year the panel changes ensuring a fresh perspective for each category.

The selection panel for 2015 was: Bronwyn Rennex, James Estrin, Susan Sedgwick, Petrina Hicks, Lauren Wendle, John McDonald, Michael Chavez, Tegan Sadlier, Misho Baranovic, Jim Dooley, Tanya Schneider, Marc Gafen, Moshe Rosenzveig OAM


- Limited edition book featuring 113 images
- Soft cover 132 pages
- Dimenions: 173mm x 173mm x 9mm
- ISBN 978-0-9925075-1-0

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Included Artists


Head On Portrait Prize finalists

Alex Coppel, Amir Lavon, Antonio Heredia, Cara O'Dowd, Catherine Cattanach, Cathy Carter, Charlotte Croft, Christian Werner, Corinna Kern, Dagmar van Weeghel, Dave Laslett, Edwina Pickles, Erin Trieb, Giles Clarke, Hugh Hamilton, Ian Flanders, Jad Oakes, Jessica Fulford-Dobson, John Janson-Moore, John Laurie, Jonathan May, Julia Gunther, Kristian Taylor-Wood, Lisa Maree Williams, Matthew Abbott, Mattia Zoppellaro, Megan Lewis, Morganna Magee, Nigel Lough, Palani Mohan, Patrick Tombola, Sally Mayman, Samir Abady, Scarlett Coten, Sevim Dogan Ozkan, Simon Bernhardt, Simon Harsent, Stephanie Ballantine, Terry Payne, Todd Antony

Head On Landscape Prize finalists

Bobby Mills, Brad Smith, Christopher Morris, Christopher Sanders, Craig George, Dalibor Talajic, David Chancellor, David Flanagan, David Manley, Fiona Lake, Ignacio Palacios, Ireneusz Luty, Jan Ramsay, Jarrad Seng, Jo Cripps, Larry Meltzer, Maiko Miyazaki, Manuel Cosentino, Marcio Cabral, Matt Portch, Megan Lewis, Michael Duff, Milette Raats, Milton Gan, Pamela Pauline, Paul Hoelen, Peter Eastway, Peter Solness, Pradeep Raja, Rémi Chauvin, Rohan Kelly, Sam Ruttyn, Sarah Black, Steven Sherwin, Tammy Law, Ullic Narducci Morard, Wayne Glanville, Wayne Pearson, Yasmin Mund, Yoong Wah

Head On Mobile Prize finalists

Ako Salemi, Ako Salemi, Amy Shapiro, Andrew Robert Morgan, Annette Widitz, Benjamin Rigby, Candice Lau, Celia Ruiz de Castilla, Deena Berton, Dylan Robinson, Emma McEvoy, Jan Halle, Jeremy Shaw, Jessie DiBlasi, John Woodhouse, Joselin Flores, Karina Eastway, Kate Bowman, Katrina Greenwood, Laki Sideris, Markus Andersen, Michael Wilson, Nick Moir, Ramin Talaie, Robyn Hills, Sarah Barker, Sarah Emery, Sarah Richardson, Thomas Lim, Thouraya Battye, Wayne Glanville

Head On Student Prize winners

Ella Rynehart, Hannah Kelly, Paul Phillpott

Head On Awards 2015 Printed Catalogue
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