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Head On Spotlight is a series of online, monthly, live discussions featuring acclaimed members of the photography world including photographers, photo editors, curators, publishers and more.

Head On Spotlight launched in July 2020 with the unique fine-art photographer, Roger Ballen.

Tune in every month as photographers share insights into their practice and industry experts offer their tips and tricks.

Sessions are free to Head On Annual members. Non-members may join selected sessions at a cost of AU$15.

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2022 Schedule

  • 7 September - Making a difference with Michael Amendolia
  • 10 August - Did video kill the photographer? with Hugh Hamilton
  • 20 July - Going mobile with Eric Mencher
  • 15 June - Surviving the photography world with Fiona Wolf
  • 18 May - Navigating the landscape with Peter Eastway
  • 6 Apr - Perfecting the portrait with Julian Kingma
  • 2 Mar - A guide to picture editing with Louisa Kirby

2021 archived sessions

  • 3 Feb - Mark Rogers
  • 3 Mar - International Women’s Day
  • 7 April - Photographic Insights in 2021 with Getty Images
  • 3 March - World Press Freedom Day with Michael Robinson Chávez
  • 9 June - Is it still possible to make money with photography - with Chris Shain
  • 7 July - Alexia Sinclair
  • 4 Aug - Michael Grecco
  • 15 Sept - Benjamin Lowy and Marvi Lacar
  • 13 Oct - Natalie Grono, Anni Payne and Matthew Duchesne
  • 3 Nov - Meet the selection committee


September session

This year marks 30 years of The Fred Hollows Foundation. During this time, the foundation changed the lives of tens of thousands of people by giving them the gift of sight, and photographer Michael Amendolia gifted the world the images of it happening. Micheal's iconic photos came to represent the meaning of charity and the spirit of foreign aid to Australians.

Michael will speak about his transition from photojournalism to working with NGOs, and the shift from creating documentation to inspiration through his photographic practice.

Date: Wednesday, 7 September 2022
Time: 12:30pm (Sydney time)


Image: Michael Amendolia


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