In May 2010, the first Head On Photo Festival was launched in Sydney. With this festival, Sydney joined the ranks of other Australian cities like Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, and Ballarat which already had their own established photography festivals. This festival firmly places Sydney on the global photography scene.

The festival was a huge success, with over 80 events spanning almost 70 venues. It showcased a wide range of photography genres. Peter Garrett, Federal Minister for the Arts, inaugurated the festival, which received widespread media coverage from major outlets including SBS, ABC, and The Sydney Morning Herald.

Sydney hosted a diverse range of free events for the Head On Photo Festival. Exhibitions and workshops were held in various venues, including art galleries, museums, cafes, pubs, and Centennial Park. The festival showcased indoor and outdoor exhibitions, workshops, artists’ talks, open studios, seminars with mini-tradeshows, and screenings, making it accessible to all.

William Yang
Federal Minister for the Arts, Peter Garrett opens the festival

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Group show exhibitors

(A-Z by first name) Adad Hannah, Aletheia Casey, Amy Patterson, Andrew Hoyne, Andy Stavert, Anthony Amos, Anthony McGovern, Banjo McLachlan, Bev Southcott, Bob Kersey, Bonita Ely, Bruce Usher, Cassi Kennedy, Catherine Cloran, Claudia Terstappen, Connie Chan, Craig Coverdale, Dale Kentwell, Daniel Berehulak, Danielle Walpole, David Little, Dean Golja, Edward James, Elaine Batton, Emily Portmann, Emma Thompson, Fiona Morris, George Voulgaropoulos, Glen Allsop, Gregory Ackland, Grenville Turner, James Alcock, Jeannine Laurens, Jen Brazier, Jenny Blau, Jenny Evans, Jessica Matino, Joanne Wong, Johanna Trainor, John McRae, John Morris, Jonathan Leveque, Jonathan May, Josh Boyd, Jules Ober, Julian May, Julien Canot, Krystle Wright, Leila Jeffreys, Lia Edwards, Lisa Wiltse, Lizanne Perry, Lizzy Sawdon, Lynn Smith, Maree Alexander, Maree Azzopardi, Mark Evans, Mark Evans, Mark Lang, Mark Lang, Mayu Kanamori, Michael Douglass, Michael Hall, Micheal Simmons, Michele Mossop, Mimi Kelly, Murray Vanderveer, Natalie Bookchin, Nici Cumpston, Nick May, Olga Kol, Peter Solness, Peter Solness, Philip Quirk, Rachel McElwee, Renato Grome, Rene Vogelzang, Richard Kendall, Richard Payne, Robert Morehead, Robert Walsh, Robert Walsh, Ruby Davies, Sally Mayman, Sally Rees, Sam Ash, Sandy Edwards, Sasha Woolley, Sean Davey, Sharon Aldrick, Simon Bayliss, Simon Portbury, Sophie Wolanski, Spiro Miralis, Stefanie Mellon, Stephanie Valentin, Steve Wall, Steven Godbee, Therese Harrison, Thmoas Greenway Short, Tom Williams, Torben Sko, Will Nolan, Zeko Nedic

Select exhibitions

7th Head On Portrait Awards


Gil Meydan, Karl Schwerdtfeger, Fiona Wolf


Adrian Brown, Adrian Cook, Alexander Robinson, Anna Kucera, Ben Ali Ong, Ben Voorderhake, Braden Fastier, Darren Padgham, Bryan Smith, Claudio Rasano, David Kelly, Franky Tsang, George Byrne, Fiona Galbraith, Godelieve Mols, Haylee Lee, Jeremy Greive, Jack Meagher, Jamie Williams, Jon Love, Jonathan May, Liz Thompson, Klaus Hollitzer, Lisa Maree Williams, Mark Greenland, Lorna Freytag, Louise Allerton, Michael Miller, Martine Cotton, Martine Perret, Richard 0’Farrell, Nick Brinley, Nikki Toole, Steven Godbee, Sharon Aldrick, Shauna Greyerbiehl, Steven Siewert

Head On Foundation Ambassadors

Milton and Penny Harris

Head On Photo Festival Advisory Board

Sandra Byron
John Swainston
Stuart Poignand
Craig Coverdale
Anita Schwartz
Moshe Rosenzveig – Festival Director

Head On Photo Festival Selection Committee

Jamie James
Andrew Quilty
Tim Hixson
Anthony Browell
Judith Love
Penelope Beveridge

Anita Schwartz
Carole Duchene
Sandra Byron
Stephanie Rjalingam
Irit Gross
Paula Towers
Lyndal Irons
Mayu Kanamori
Torunn Momtazi
Patrick Tombola
Tom Marcusson
Johanna Trainor
Rita Slattery
Sue Storry
Jesse Brockis
Andrew Mamo
Viisti Dickens
Stacy Mehrfar
Joel Rosenzveig Holland
Charles McKean
Belinda Mason
Claudio Mantovani
Victoria Johnstone
Jason Morris
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Head On Photo Awards 2024

Entries to the Head On Photo Awards 2024 are open now. $80,000 prize pool including finalists exhibition.

Image detail: Gary Ramage